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Hi, I’m Dr. Cindy and many moons ago, I was a chemist with a start-up pharmaceutical company.  Working there gave me a bird’s-eye view of the industry, and I was not impressed with what I saw!   I realized that these formulations that we pay an arm and leg for were just copies of natural therapies that have existed for centuries in other cultures.

I went on to study Optometry as I felt that giving someone the gift of sight was far more noble than creating poisons for people to put in their bodies.  As I studied the eye, I realized there was so much more to this amazing little organ than just the ability to see! 

I discovered that the eye is a window into the health of our entire body.  Fascinated by this concept, I studied Iridology and began to delve into other areas of alternative health.

Throughout this journey, I’ve had a few health challenges that I’ve treated successfully through natural means.  I created my website in order to share my knowledge with others and help them to achieve optimum health naturally. 

Who is Dr. Cindy?

Dr. Cindy Cork is a former university professor who has taught and guided hundreds of people globally, helping them to successfully realize their visions, embrace their dreams and to create the lives they really deserve to live.

She is certified in several powerful alternative holistic healing modalities including Holistic Iridology, Nutripuncture, Live Blood Analysis, Medicinal Foods, Neuro Design Engineering, and Hypnosis.  Using these powerful tools for transformation, she trains people to sharpen their skills in order to delve deep into their journeys to heal and transform their life and health.

Reignite Your Life

The depth of her knowledge and her capabilities are one of a kind, in her unique combination of modern day medicine, holistic pathways and the most cutting-edge tools for accelerating human change that exist today.

On this path that she’s dedicated herself to for over two decades, her passion for transformation has expressed itself philanthropically as well with the donation of her time in multiple locations, giving the gift of sight and helping poverty stricken people in underdeveloped countries around the globe.

Every part of her academic, professional and personal vision comes through in these diagnostic tools.  Moreover, she melds science, the power of observation and compassionate listening to care for her clients.

Dr. Cindy works on ALL aspects of health:  Body, Mind and Spirit!

Reignite Your Life

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